California Adventures Winter 2023



California Adventures Winter 2023

30 Days Of California Scenery

Southern California lured me back with its undeniably gorgeous natural scenery, warmer weather and loving friends and family.

Getting to Los Angeles from the Mexican Sonora Desert proved quite adventurous! And what I mean by adventurous is an unexpected, intentionally intimidating, (well they tried) interrogation and search of all my belongings by the U.S. border control.

Once I walked across the border into my own country, it was a fascinating race-the-clock quest via shuttle van and Lyft to catch a flight from Phoenix to LA. My sister, Dad and brother-in-law delightfully scooped me up from the airport to spend a glorious afternoon in Malibu hiking and soaking up the vibrant scenery.

Bouncing between Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, and Santa Monica, the California holiday quickly turned into one whole month!

It was a true blessing to spend time with friends catching up on old times, making inspiring plans for the future, and all enhanced by beautiful walks on beaches, hill trails and in gardens.

New foodie adventures were top notch. Every day whilst in Southern California it seemed that I was surrounded by incredible eats!

And to balance those amazingly delicious calories, I found myself easily walking or hiking 8-10+ miles a day.

On a sad note, my dear friend Liane’s precious cat, Maggie, died in our arms while I was visiting her home; animals are family.

One inspiring strike of synchronicity occurred during February 12th, as I attended the Conscious Life Expo hosted in Los Angeles. This was my first event and words cannot suffice to say the incredible energy of speakers and attendees. It was if I found my people.

During this high vibration affair, I also made it a point to hear Sacha Stone’s enlivening keynote talk, as well as the New Earth panel later in the day with some of the most powerful visionaries, activists, filmmakers, authors and New Earth pioneers.

California was my home or home base for over 40 years! Albeit, its not where I’d purposely choose to live now, I have enjoyed my vacations there and commit to visiting friends and family.

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