Backyard Gardening Adventures



Backyard Gardening Adventures

Hands In The Soil

This is not a typical How-To, DIY blog! There are plenty of great blogs like that out there.

Backyard Gardening Adventures is a delightful photo gallery with insightful and heart-warming photography to inspire you to action!

If you simply utilize a deck off the side of your house, you can create a nursery of edible plants within months. In fact, when I am done with my deck this Spring, it will have transformed into a bountiful forest, teeming with gorgeous flowers, luxuriant herbs and delicious vegetables.

Small patio in a concrete jungle? No problem! There are plentiful creative methods to develop your own garden in even the tightest of real estate scenarios.

Over the past few years I’ve planted and grown many varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs utilizing my backyard; raised beds, potted plants and growing from seeds in the ground have all produced the most marvelous produce.

My niece and nephews are precious with their enthusiasm to grow gardens at home, and help me water, weed and harvest gardens at our family property. They also love to actively harvest fruits and vegetables at the cousin’s nearby farm.

Don’t forget tending to your compost pile! This may sound silly…I adore rotating my compost pile every few days or so, and relish using the steamy “black gold” in my garden as it becomes more potently powerful by the day.

Once you’ve harvested your own nourishing bounty, the real fun then begins deciding how to cook, bake, pickle, freeze or can your fruits and vegetables.

Have you watched the FOODIE || Farm-To-Table video series I created in 2022, loaded with useful ideas?

My intention for this video series was several-fold: inspire others to grow their own edible gardens, learn how to store their own food, provide recipe ideas for cooking & baking, and offer fascinating, educational information.

After creating 14 extremely unique and interesting videos, I am admittedly proud of my accomplishments. Thank you for taking this Farm-To-Table journey with me.

1. Watch the Introduction to the Farm-To-Table video series

2. Begin with the May late spring crop of Asparagus

3. We grew and harvested our own Rhubarb

4. There’s nothing like raising your own backyard chickens for fresh Eggs

5. I’ve got many wonderful childhood memories surrounding Strawberries

6. What a fun crop to cook with! The spectacular Sugar Snap Peas

7. You can get really creative with Kohlrabi

8. The wonderfully versatile and over-abundant  Zucchini

9. Pickling cucumbers is easier than you think with Sun Pickles

10. Juice, Cook, Bake, Pickle, Freeze and Eat Raw Super Food Beets

11. Learn about the captivating history of Sweet Corn

12. What we do without the versatile vegetable Onions

13. Another sensory crop to harvest & cook is Bell Peppers

14. We eat them like a veggie, but they’re an amazing fruit Tomatoes

It has been a delight and honor to share the sweat from my brow and fruits of my labor with you, as well as my ongoing adoration for cuisine from around the world.

Click below to scroll through a small sampling of my adventures in farming Photo Gallery.


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