Are You A Debt Slave Citizen?



Are You A Debt Slave Citizen?

We The People

As of 1868, another class of “U.S Citizen” was added— the UNITED STATES CITIZEN: U.S. CORPORATE CITIZEN.

These “citizens” are:

* Debt Slaves.
* Have no rights.
* Have no legal standing.
* Are enslaved by perpetual debt.


American State Nationals are:

* All living people.
* All have Natural and Unalienable Rights.
* All have beneficial interest in the land and it’s resources.
* All are guaranteed a limited Republic-style of government.
* All are protected by national trust indentures, international treaties, and commercial agreements.
* All have more civil authority on land than the entire federal government.
* Have been at peace since 1865.
* Inhabit the land of their States,—for example, Ohio State is inhabited by Ohioans.
* Fly the Civil Flag of The United States of America Major. (See image)


(Information attributed to “You Know Something Is Wrong When…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause.”)

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Are You A Debt Slave Citizen?

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