Adventures In Vietnam Part One



Adventures In Vietnam Part One

Vibrant Vietnam

3 weeks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, felt like a tease, or an appetizer, if you will — to discover this culturally-rich country.

And what a delicious appetizer to whet my appetite and return to Vietnam many more times!

During my first trip to this vibrant nation, I traveled with several work colleagues from Nuskin Enterprises. (NUS: NYSE)

We’d spent a year preparing to “open” Vietnam for business as our 33rd foreign nation and partner in the Nuskin family.

It was absolutely wonderful to meet all our teammates in-person, as we’d been communicating over Skype and social platforms for so long. Upon arrival we immediately jumped into our business agenda.

The next 3 weeks were hectic beyond imagination, as we held meetings and presentations nonstop to build and educate our new teams.

Admittedly, there wasn’t much time for cultural exploration during this adventure, however I did venture out to eat as much Vietnamese cuisine as possible.

Whether it was street food from a friendly vendor, a local friend’s new ‘Hot Pot’ restaurant, or luxurious meals in 5-Star hotels, I packed on an extra 10 pounds that month and enjoyed every bite!

3 years later I traveled back to Vietnam and spent a few weeks truly adventuring around and exploring the different regions.

Vietnam is definitely one country to add to your travel list if you have not yet, and I am enthusiastic to return.

Enjoy the Photo Gallery below and read Vietnam Part Two.

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