Adventures In Singapore



Adventures In Singapore

22 Visits To Singapore!

I fell in love with Singapore during my very first visit at age 23, during an 8-hour layover enroute to Mumbai, India, for a business trip.

Changi airport, the best airport in the world, organizes a city tour via bus for those with long layovers. I hopped a bus into town and grabbed some sight-seeing and lunch during this brief adventure.

After one bite of a green chili noodle dish, I had to put the spoon down and choke some water back with the 5 alarm fire blazing on my tongue.

Speaking of taste buds, Singapore is a true gem for the hardcore foodies out there!

So many cultures compacted into one tiny nation gives birth to the opportunity of a bonanza of flavors, spices, dishes and delicacies.

Singapore cuisine is most famous for its chili crab, which I might add lives up to its accolades because it is one tasty dish!

“Why visit this nation 22 times?” you ask.

Singapore has been my transit station from West to East and East to West.

Whilst living in Bali, Singapore was my go-to visa run destination as well, often stepping foot off a flight to get back right back onto a return journey to Bali.

My dear friends Gaurab and Malti are Singapore residents, and I’ve spent some amazing times with them and their friends over the past 2 decades.

In 2015 I finally checked off a bucket list item by staying at the renown Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel. Like a good little tourist, I swam in their famous infinity pool overlooking the bay. It was spectacular!

One morning I was pleasantly surprised by an invite from my friends to cruise around with them on a $4 million yacht! Yes, I felt a little bit 007 James Bond’ish when they let me drive it.

Over the years I’ve explored much of what Singapore has to offer. It is an ultra modern nation, extremely organized and clean, smack dab in the Southeast Asian tropics.

Will I be back? Most definitely… and hopefully sooner than later.

Enjoy the photo gallery below.


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