Adventures In Scotland



Adventures In Scotland

Scotland On A Whim

Scotland has always been on my list to explore, however I should have set my expectations much higher.

I was awestruck by its spectacular beauty and charm.

After my metaphorical dart throw to a map that selected the nation I’d travel to next, lovely Ireland, I called a friend and Nuskin colleague living in Glasgow, and we arranged a spontaneous visit.

It’d been years since our last connection, and much had transpired in her life; she’d moved, gotten married and had another daughter!

My friend Ruth and I not only caught up over her homemade haggis, which was an adventure in itself for brave foodies. The texture was curious and the flavor was quite delicious!

Ruth and I journeyed with her 3 daughters via train to the Scottish seaside during an unbelievable heatwave and enjoyed lunch at the famous 18th Hole at the Royal Troon Golf Club.

Glasgow is a fascinating city with ancient history to explore, and one method of discovery is through expansive museums!

When I wasn’t playing with the kiddos, getting a tan on the beach or wandering the halls of museums, I jumped in a car or train for a few roadtrips north!

Scotland has some of the most gorgeous natural countryside I’ve ever experienced and the movies or postcards do not do proper justice.

One must simply see it for themself!

No infamous Lochness Monster revealed itself during my adventure, however I did find the shaggy and adorable Highland Cow.

Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Scotland reaching 1,345 meters above sea level.

Feeling spontaneous during my ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwart’s Express train trip to the Highlands, I ventured to hike this grand mountain. The scenic views were outstanding and the energy surrounding this region felt enchanting and quite peaceful.

Sadly I did not summit Ben Nevis, as I ran out of time before catching my train back to Glasgow.

Scotland is a country that requires a good deal more time to fully explore, and I bid farewell to my friends as I hopped another train to Edinburgh for a day, before grabbing a flight to Belgium.

I’ll definitely be back to the beautiful country of Scotland someday, and Ben Nevis beckons me to reach her glorious summit.

Enjoy the Photo Gallery below.


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