Adventures In Colombia



Adventures In Colombia

¡Bienvenidos a Colombia!

Welcome to Medellín, Colombia!

It was a whirlwind 1-week tour of Medellín and surrounding areas. Frankly, you need far more time to truly discover a nation this large.

South America is a massive continent, and one of which I’ve scarcely explored to-date, as it continues to beckon me.

Since deciding I’d stay in Medellín for only one week, I packed in as much experience as possible during my short window of time.

Medellín has many ex-pats from North America and Europe living there, and I ran into fellow travelers from the USA, Canada and Bali!

The easiest way to navigate Medellín was via taxis which I found fairly inexpensive; I also loved to walk many places too and didn’t feel threatened as a female tourist. (Except for one experience at night, which is its own story and everything turned out fine.)

Sampling the local fare was high on the list, and I shopped at markets and with street vendors as much as possible, as well as tried delicacies at restaurants.

My taste buds have been attuned to the more explosive flavors and spices found in Asia, therefore much of the food in Colombia seemed rather bland to me.

Checking off a Bucket List item was a lof fun when I tackled “The Rock” of Guatapé, is a landmark in Colombia and quite the workout to climb its 600 steps!

I joined walking tours of Medellín, which is a fantastic way to jump into the culture, history, sights and sounds.

Riding a cablecar up over the outskirts of Medellín to Arví Park and exploring its walking paths amongst Mother Nature was a true highlight.

Whether its free walking tours, paid organized groups or a self-guided tour meandering throughout a city, I fully enjoyed my jam-packed week of fun in Colombia and look forward to discovering more of the country.

Enjoy the vibrant photo gallery below.


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