5 Day Safari



5 Day Safari

So Many Animals To See!

“Bucket Lists” are more like a “To Do List” in my world.

After an 8-Day expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, I immediately jumped straight into an exciting 5-Day Safari.

Bucket List: Check 2x!

What most don’t know is that there were 4 amazing items being checked off my list by the third day:

What a blessing to see both the”Big 5″ and “Ugly 5” list of African wildlife species.

These are the animals that make up those lists:


African leopard, African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant and rhinoceros.


Hyena, Marabou Stork, Vulture, Warthog and Wildebeest.

For the record, hyenas are far more ugly in-person than what you watch on NatGeo, and I experienced them also running past my tent during the first evening.

It was quite unexpected to see lions mating on day one and day two!

Sleeping in tents where wild animals strolled past was a true highlight! On my second night I woke up to a zebra pooping right next to my tent entrance, and I also found 2 adult elephants grazing trees next to the bathrooms.

Anything goes in “the bush” and that type of stimulation is right up my alley.

We were able to get very close to the elephants daily, especially close to a female with her calf on day 5.

You put your trust in the expedition leader who knows what’s best when it comes to wild African animals.

He warned us at different moments that there literally could be lions hiding in tall grass ready to pounce if we chose to get out of the vehicle, or a viper nest ready to explode with snakes if they felt our movement on the ground.

I sure do love seeing the majestic animal kingdom up-close and personal…safely that is.

Climb With Me To The Top Of The World’s Tallest Free-Standing Mountain!


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Join Me On A Wild Adventure For 5 Days On A Safari In Tanzania!


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Day Five Safari


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